To compete, create added-value, and innovate -Don’t imitate

We master the practice of value creation through integration of real estate processes and application of real estate best practices

Overcome resource challenges, limited experience and visibility, and project completion obstacles

We help you to achieve your ambition, overcome hurdles facing real estate companies and projects

The secret of success for a real estate company is to make the right decision from the outset

We work step by step with you to manage profitability, and to increase the competitiveness of your real estate projects
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The value of real estate assets and projects we worked in
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We actively operate in four countries in partnership with reputable local partners
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of experience in real estate and infrastructure development

Our Added-Value

Increase NOI

Increase net-operating revenue of income-generating assets

Control Risk

Control cash flow risks of real estate portfolio across the entire asset life cycle

Maximize Value

Model and maximize profitability, improve quality and competitiveness of real estate development projects

Develop Niche Products

Master managing real estate variables to develop pioneering and competitive real estate opportunities

Our Mission

Advise real estate decision-makers on improving the real estate assets’ performance, building the core business, and managing strategic transformation initiatives, and to support entrepreneurs and investors in fulfilling their real estate ambitions and keeping their real estate business and products up to date with market variables.

What We Do


Support operating real estate company with limited in-house expertise and resources
Assist newly established real estate business "Real Estate Startups"



Advise investors with vacant land bank or underperforming operating assets
Support C-Suite Executives and BOD in Real Estate and Holding Companies:



Assist businesses expanding into new markets:

Our Services

A variety of services to help you achieve your ambitions


RESA aims to advise and support senior real estate executives in negotiation of business deals and agreements, decision-making, program management, and strategic transformation initiatives from development through successful execution in collaboration with senior management teams.


REDA aims to advise real estate businesses and entrepreneurs in modeling and maximizing profitability, improve competitiveness, and control cash flow risks of the real estate portfolio from inception to operation stages.


BSDA aims to fulfill our clients’ ambitions to expand and transform their real estate business, venture into new real estate opportunities, develop new real estate products or services, invest in developing innovative real estate products and services, and initiate the development of competitive real estate businesses

About VBDre is a real estate executive advisory firm committed to helping real estate executives maximize the profitability of their real estate portfolio, manage strategic transformation initiatives, and dedicated to supporting investors in venturing into new real estate opportunities.

VBDre, LLC was established in 2017. Based in Virginia (USA), the firm operates in multiple regions with focus on the United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Sudan in collaboration with local partners in the MENA region.